Hope Miller

Hope Miller

What led you to Beth Interactive?

After working in marketing agency settings for a few years, I needed to realign my professional career with what is most important to me–helping others. A friend shared the BI job listing, and there may or may not have been happy tears upon reading it. Utilizing my skill set at BI to empower nonprofits brings me so much joy, and what more could you ask for from a job?

What is your favorite part of your job?

My coworkers and supporting clients through creative writing. Doing work you are passionate about is such a gift. Doing that work collaboratively with a team eager to support one another? Priceless. Our clients have such amazing stories, and it’s a joy to put words to their work in a way that captures the essence of their missions and inspires donors to support them.

What skill or talent do you have that surprises people?

I’m a classically trained ballerina with a deep and abiding love for contemporary ballet and modern dance. Dance is the language that transcends all language barriers and brings people together in a uniquely beautiful way. I ran a dance studio in my 20s and firmly believe everyone is a dancer!