We've started 2024 with: gratitude for you!
We've started 2024 with: gratitude for you!

Professionally, we met or exceeded every one of our goals for the year!
We aimed for 9 new clients—and brought on 16.
We planned on 3 new hires—but added 8 new people instead

Personally, our families grew, too:
Adrian welcomed her second child, Reid,
and Matt became a first-time dad with sweet Sadie.

It’s hard to imagine how we could top a year like 2023—but with this team, and the strategic support and partnerships of our clients, the sky’s the limit for Beth Interactive!

An increase of 46% from last year (!), these dollars help our clients’ communities live, thrive and innovate. We’re so proud to have supported this philanthropy through major gift proposals, annual giving, digital appeals, giving days, sponsorships, employee outreach, stewardship and a whole lot more.

About 5 million more than last year!

Split across our 45 clients, that’s a lot of emails! It meant 1,248 unique chances to think creatively, design boldly and connect with millions to promote our clients’ missions.

From Doctors’ Day and Giving Days to Year-End Appeals, we used digital and print strategies to raise critical dollars for our clients—even driving major gifts from our campaigns!

We’ve expanded a lot this past year, and now have clients in all 4 time zones.

Map of the United States

And what a joy it was to see even more of our clients in person this year!

A huge welcome to all our new clients! We were so proud to begin new partnerships with these powerful and passionate organizations in 2023 (and here are just a few):

It’s always an honor to be invited to share our expertise on digital philanthropy best practices. In 2023, Beth Hatcher presented at national conferences, led webinars, guest spoke at her first college class—and was even interviewed by The Non-Profit Times!

  1. Email Best Practices for Fundraising (and Other Nerdy Secrets)
    Development Executives Roundtable (DER) Webinar
    January 2023

  2. Best Practices for Email Marketing and Communications
    Presentation at the CommonSpirit Health Philanthropy Education Summit
    February 2023

  3. Mentor for the Leadership Institute: Beth Hatcher
    Selected by the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) of Chicago
    February 2023

  4. All About the Data: How to Drive Your Giving Pipeline
    Presentation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Dallas Chapter Philanthropy in Action Conference
    June 2023

  5. Email Fundraising + Digital Analytics Bootcamp
    Presentation at Midwest Meeting of the Minds
    July 2023

  6. Digital Giving Trends: How Do You Stack Up?
    Presentation at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) International Conference
    September 2023

  7. Answers and Action: Donor Survey Insights (and What Came Next)
    Presentation at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) International Conference
    September 2023
    Co-presented with Rita Andolsen, Executive Director, Philanthropy Communications, The MetroHealth Foundation

  8. Digital Philanthropy Basics
    Virtual Lecture to USC Annenberg PR for Non-Profits Class
    September 2023

  9. Digital Giving Trends: How Do You Stack Up?
    Presentation and discussion facilitation with The Summit Group of Academic Children’s Medical Centers
    October 2023

  10. Healthcare Groups Seek Wider Pool Of Donors
    Interview with The NonProfit Times
    December 2023
    (Read the full article!)

We nearly doubled the size of our team this year, and we could not be happier to be 16. In addition to our local Chicago crew, the BI team now hails from Michigan, Indiana, North Dakota and Vermont. We’ll have the full team together in person for our February retreat and are so excited! In the meantime, regular check-ins on Teams and banter via Skype chat keep us connected and in tune.

Matt Schultz

Matt Schultz joined our team in January 2023, bringing 12 years of experience in higher education and non-profit development. Approaching every project as an opportunity to learn and grow, he brings thoughtfulness and a genuine smile to his work. Matt enjoys building meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues and has never met a stranger.

Adrian Benedict

Adrian Benedict joined our team in March 2023 with nearly 12 years of non-profit fundraising and higher education annual giving experience. She brings to the team the ability to pair long-term thinking with immediate and actionable steps to make thoughtful recommendations. Adrian is personally invested in our clients’ missions and strives to operate as an extension of their team.

Vanessa Rico

Vanessa Rico joined our team in July 2023 after 9 years in the non-profit sector, where she highlighted the mission and voices of organizations and the communities they served. With an exceptional knack for storytelling, Vanessa brings passion and creativity to her work and warmth to her interactions with clients and colleagues.

Sarina Ranville

Sarina Ranville joined our team in August 2023 after 5 years in the field of higher education and annual giving fundraising. She’s a reliable and trusted colleague with a keen attention to detail. Sarina is always willing to lend a hand, and her diligent work style makes her an excellent addition to the Beth Interactive team.

Gabriel Franken

Gabriel Franken joined our team in November 2023, bringing a skill set that combines more than 20 years of experience in theatre/film and operations management. He’s a man of many talents. Gabriel hit the ground running, establishing processes that have the Beth Interactive team running more efficiently than ever before.

Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee joined our team in December 2023 with his MPA and more than 5 years of experience in healthcare philanthropy. He combines his aptitude for project management with his keen data analysis skill set to help manage some of our most complex projects. Jordan has a passion for the causes we support and the ‘why’ of what we do.

Fariha Junagadhwala

Fariha Junagadhwala joined our team in December 2023 after 5 years of experience as an email marketing specialist. Her attention to detail and enthusiastic curiosity make her a welcome addition to the team. Fariha is a lifelong learner who enjoys rolling up her sleeves, trying new things and getting the job done.

Hope Miller

Hope Miller joined our team in December 2023 with a marketing and project management background. Drawing from her experience as a classically trained ballerina and a skilled copywriter, she’s wasted no time getting to know our clients and helping to tell their stories in the most creative ways. Hope is a thoughtful colleague who is always ready to lend a hand.

No, these 2 were not included in the “new hire” numbers—but we do consider them the littlest (and most adorable) members of the BI team! Check out these cuties in their BI swag.

Adrian’s son, Reid, layering his Beth Interactive onesie with a sensible cardigan.
Matt and Sadie
Matt and his daughter, Sadie, in their first of many matching Beth Interactive outfits.

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