Brandon Waltz

What led you to Beth Interactive?

It feels like a lifetime ago that I picked up a degree in arts, media and culture after meandering through 5 colleges, then moving from the trees of the Pacific Northwest to the rolling meadows of the Midwest. I was living in the Jewel of the Arctic Circle, the Land Down Under, the City So Nice They Named It Twice: Chicago. There, I was friends with Beth as she built the company. As things got bigger and bigger, I was lucky enough to join and was very pleased to find a place where I could work on useful things with friendly people who (mostly) put up with my bad jokes.

What is your favorite part of your job?

It’s a bit of a peanut butter and chocolate situation. I like that we get to play a role in helping our excellent clients make a positive impact in the world. But I’m also a huge fan of my coworkers. Both are lovely on their own, but when you put them together, you have the superior deliciousness of a peanut butter cup, aka Beth Interactive.

Ask me about: 

My favorite Charles Wysocki jigsaw puzzle, tiki bar recommendations in your area or the secret ingredient in my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I would also be very happy to organize your closet/garage/house and make a spreadsheet of everything.