Allison Guntz

What led you to Beth Interactive?

I came to Beth Interactive in 2018 from a food pantry, where I’d worked on both the direct service and development sides. I was thrilled at the opportunity to dive more deeply into philanthropy strategy, plus I loved the warm and quirky team!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the relationships, with both my colleagues and amazing clients. I’m also a big fan of creative, critical thinking when faced with unique challenges. To me, the perfect scenario is a brainstorming session that begins with, “So we have kind of a weird problem…”

Ask me about:

What it’s like to have 9 roommates (mostly good), my short-lived tenure as a snowboarder/skateboarder (I’m a southpaw!), the latest home improvement project (I’m probably avoiding it) and anything to do with my dog, Iris (unofficial BI office pet).