Other Services

Interactive marketing can mean a lot of things—from writing and building a website or creating an email campaign to analyzing your consumers or communicating with them via social media. Whatever your needs are, Beth Interactive is here for you.

We approach each new project as its own challenge—one that needs a customized solution, inspiration and creativity. As partners, we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and those of your audience; create a strategy to meet it; then execute quickly and with attention to your budget.

The beauty of Beth Interactive is in our project management. Working with a consultant should be easy. It is our role to do the work and keep you up-to-date on every step of the process. We meet our deadlines and will help you meet yours—and we’ll make it a fun and efficient process.

Our services include:


  • Building a New Website. We start at the beginning, by understanding your goals and audience. Then we write it, design it, build it, optimize it, launch it, measure the results and keep it up-to-date.
  • Maintaining Your Website. Whether we build your website or take over management of one you’ve already created, we handle day-to-day management and will keep you on top of additions and updates.
  • Website Traffic Measurement. What are your consumers doing on your website… and why are they doing it? We’ll track their movements, monitor trends, analyze the results and provide tangible ways to improve your customer’s experience online.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We make sure that search engines (like Google and Bing) can find you—and so can your consumers.

Consumer Engagement

  • eNewsletter. We can help you create or improve an eNewsletter to regularly communicate with your consumers. We’ll strategize, design, write and code an initial template—and can, of course, help you with all future issues.
  • Social Media. If it’s Facebook, Twitter, starting a blog or monitoring your Yelp and Wikipedia entries, we know the best (and worst) practices and how to make the impact that’s right for you.
  • Consumer Surveys. Valuable for product research or learning who your consumers are, we’ll create and launch the ideal survey for your needs—then analyze the results to provide strategic and tangible next steps.

Writing, Editing, Translating

  • Writing. We specialize in health care but can write on all topics and media, such as websites, direct mail, newsletters (or anything, really).
  • Editing. We can take anything that’s already written and whip it into shape—whether it’s improving the content or editing for clarity, consistency, grammar and spelling.
  • Translation. We’re fluent in English and French, and working on German. But translation also comes in other forms—like taking complex medical procedures or something tech-y and making it make sense to consumers.

Other Projects

  • Database Management: to unite disparate forms of data into one single, usable database
  • Direct Mail: writing and management of direct-to-consumer campaigns
  • Project Management: to manage multiple vendors on a project-by-project or general basis

How to Start

Contact us for help with one of these projects—or any others—and we’ll provide a free analysis, proposal and quote within a week.

For more about how we do business, read why beth interactive for the top seven reasons why we stand out.