Why Beth Interactive

Still wondering more why you should use Beth Interactive as consultants for your website or interactive marketing project? Here are our top seven reasons (it was hard to pick just five).

1. Project Management

How often have you worked with a vendor that you had to contact to see where the project stood? Working with consultants should be easy. We stay on top of the project(s) and keep you on track of your deadlines.

2. Healthcare

Having worked in healthcare marketing for years, we have experience writing in every medical specialty imaginable—from cardiac electrophysiology to orthopaedics to OB/GYN and everything in between.

Furthermore, we know how to explain complex medical terminology in ways that consumers and patients understand. And we can write for any audience you need—patients, doctors, parents. Some people call it “demystifying the healthcare experience,” but we just think it makes sense.

3. Price

Our pricing is highly competitive, and we break down our invoices into different price categories for the types of work we do—because writing copy shouldn’t be charged the same as writing emails. Plus, our proposals detail exactly the steps that are involved in each part of the project—so you know you’ll get exactly what you pay for. Contact us for a free analysis and quote.

4. Speed (without Sacrificing Quality)

So many projects languish for months, or even years, without an end in sight. We know that, no matter what your project is, you want it done quickly—but also well.

In our proposals, we map out exactly how much time each part of the projects should take, and we value your role as partners in keeping us on that schedule. So if you agree on the deadlines we set and help us meet them, we can get your project done on time, as scheduled.

5. Measurement & Analysis

We know data. We know how to pull it, what it means, what’s important—and how to interpret it into valuable lessons for your business. And we keep the fact that measurement matters in mind with every project we start. Whether it’s analysis of your website traffic, survey results or an eNewsletter, we’ll help you figure out what your customers are asking for before they even know they’re asking it.

6. Social Media Expertise and Reputation Defenders

The world is abuzz with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter… but how can you make those tools work for you in a relevant and impactful way? Furthermore, when is the last time you checked what consumers were saying about you on Yelp, Google, or even Wikipedia? We’ll help you figure out where you stand online and how to officially make an impact.

7. Sticklers for Grammar

Not only do we pride ourselves on our writing, but also our painstaking attention to detail: you won’t find any typos or inconsistencies in our work. We know that every word written is a reflection of your brand, so we like to make each word perfectly spelled and appropriately punctuated. It’s a little thing, but it can speak volumes.


Fantastic. Check out our services to see what we have to offer, or contact us for help with your project.