Meg Miller

Meg Miller

What led you to Beth Interactive?

I majored in peace and justice studies and Spanish in college, with minors in math and gender studies just for fun! I came to Chicago for Amate House and worked as a community organizer for nearly two years. I always aimed to work at a non-profit to create a more just world. As a community organizer, I managed website and email copy, appeals, press releases and more. I realized how much I loved crafting messaging to create platforms for people and was drawn to Beth Interactive because of the chance to increase access to exceptional health care.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love connecting with lovely clients and working with them to envision new ideas! I especially love when those ideas are based on hard data from previous efforts. I also love working on projects when I really believe in the client’s mission.

Ask me about:

My favorite crochet pattern, propagating plants, vegetarian recipes, how using a baby voice impacts child development, being a retired horse girl, multitasking, FreeCell and espresso.